Thursday, November 03, 2005

Push poll alert. I just received an automated "poll" from a company named FEC Research. It's parent company is called ccAdvertising, so it is not a true polling firm. A little Googling shows that it has a history of being involved in conservative push polls.

By traditional push polling standards, this was pretty tame. The main questions for the special election regarded Prop 73 and Prop 75, and the language was only mildly biased in favor of the propositions. It also asked for a favorable/unfavorable rating of Arnold, which is standard fare when doing a slice-n-dice of polling results.

What surprised me were some of the other questions that followed these. It made me wonder about whether this was a push poll or a test for future conservative causes. Other questions included:

If this is just a Republican-funded poll fishing for campaign angles in the June primary, very few of you will get a similar call. If this is a push poll, however, many of you will hear the same thing. Please use comments to tell us if you receive a polling call from FEC research, or if you know more about who funded this poll.

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